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New evidence is emerging to confirm that Tea is a ‘super plant’. Not only is it Britain’s number one drink, helping to solve our woes over a great cuppa, but British grown tea might also be a way to help protect Britain’s natural environment and reduce the carbon footprint of everyone who drinks it. Tregothnan was the first place in the UK to grow tea, planting in 1999 and producing the first ever British tea harvest in 2005.

Tregothnan has commissioned research to demonstrate that these pioneering British tea gardens are the best long-term, carbon-reducing crop.

Tea or Camellia sinensis is the leafy green bush from which every cup of tea is made (approximately 2 billion people drink tea daily). Once a tea garden is established it can remain in same spot for hundreds of years - some of the oldest bushes in China are reportedly more than 600 years old. This avoids the over-ploughing of land and the potentially harmful effects of carbon release into...

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