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● On average Brits spend £691 on a summer holiday, but the true cost is actually £1,748 when you factor in things like insurance, clothes, transport and pet care
● Overlooked holiday costs include £141 on new holiday clothes, £109 on pet care, and even £83 on pre-holiday tanning
● TrustedHousesitters has partnered with financial advice service Boring Money to provide money saving tips to reduce your holiday spend

New research has revealed the true cost of a summer getaway for UK holidaymakers is actually £1,057 more than they had originally budgeted for.

Pet and house-sitting company TrustedHousesitters spoke to over 2,000 UK holidaymakers and found that the average amount we spend on travel and accommodation for a summer holiday is £691 per person. However, when you take into account costs that are often overlooked when budgeting...

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