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- The gender split in UK business is continuing to close, with female founders making up 32.37% of business owners, up from 17% just four years ago

- However, women are least likely to run companies with a larger employee count. A sample of 5106 business owners revealed that women run only 23.44% of companies with 4 or more employees

- Latest figures show that London may not be the best place for women to startup, reflecting the continuing trend of female-led businesses outside of London growing faster than those in the capital, but Scotland and the north offers hope

- Although women are leading more businesses than in the past, they continue to be more prevalent in ‘traditionally female’ sectors like hair and beauty, with men making up over 90% of all construction and building related businesses

Ahead of this year’s International Women’s Day, tech company UENI has published a report on over 22,000 British...

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