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Businesses need to be doing more to put green back onto their agendas according to a whitepaper by business automation software provider, V1. A YouGov survey revealed that 80% of UK organisations print documents just to sign them, and recycling experts WRAP reported that the average office worker uses up to 45 sheets of paper a day, half of which ends up as waste*.

In a new whitepaper V1 has revealed how companies can significantly reduce their use of paper and carbon emissions by using electronic document management (EDM). The paper also highlights the other key benefits this technology can bring. These include:

• Reduced paper usage and carbon emissions – EDM allows documents to be captured, stored and accessed electronically enabling a significant, if not total, reduction in paper production, printing and distribution. UK soft drinks business Nichols plc calculated that it has saved 454 trees and 973.35 tonnes of carbon as a result of using the...

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