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3M Privacy Filters improve visual privac

Bracknell, UK, 25 January 2018 – 3M, the science-based technology company, shares advice with UK organisations on how to make printed or on-screen information less visible to onlookers, ahead of Data Privacy Day on Sunday 28 January (also known in Europe as Data Protection Day)*. Prevention of ‘visual hacking’ – which is the ability to view or photograph sensitive or confidential content on someone’s screen and then use that information for illegal or malicious purposes – is relatively easy, fast and inexpensive compared to other aspects of security, says 3M.

“Improving visual privacy in the office or when working in public spaces reduces the risks of security breaches, helps achieve compliance with regulations, such as ISO27001 and the introduction of GDPR in May,” says Peter Barker, EMEA Market Development Manager, Display Materials and Systems Division, at 3M. “Other benefits include reduced risk of fines, financial loss or damage to market reputation. Better...

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