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Stay Ahead Of Disruption: Focus On CX, Operational Efficiency And The Remote Workforce
To Survive and thrive in the post Covid world
Jim Nicol, Kofax

As the Covid-19 pandemic began disrupting business operations on an unprecedented scale, organisations focused on mitigating the impact of the crisis. Deploying collaboration technology became the priority as employees shifted to working from home. But now that businesses are past the early pivot point, they must turn an eye to the future — and put in place a workforce resilient to future disruptions.

One way to get past the Covid-19 curve is to think about digital investments more broadly and how expanding technology capacity can augment the workforce. Finding the right balance between human workers and the digital workforce will go a long way in helping businesses mitigate the pandemic’s impact on operations while also helping them prepare for tomorrow. Intelligent automation is the key to...

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