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For many of us these days, making the most of whatever space we have is a key part of our lives. This can mean turning bathrooms into shower rooms to free up floor space for more useful purposes or squeezing in showers to places which were never intended to hold them and perhaps don’t have the usual facilities in place, for example they may only have access to a cold water feed rather than a hot one. In the old days, this could scupper otherwise great plans, but over recent years, manufacturers have begun to recognize the demand for showers which could be fitted into places which only had a cold water feed and have started to produce a greater range of electric showers. The problem is they tend to be expensive and not necessarily very attractive, Andrew Ellis, founder and CEO of Vidalux decided that needed to change. He explains why and what he did about it.

“I obviously knew that one of the reasons there was such a huge demand for showers was because people...

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