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TX-30 pink headset (green & blue avail)

The perfect Christmas treat for kids, teens and tech lovers alike!

The colourful, lightweight, TX-30 headsets from Gioteck deliver superior style and unrivalled sound at home, or on the go. These must-have music and gaming headsets are the perfect gift or stocking filler for kids and teenagers this Christmas. Choose from funky-pink, electric-blue and neon-green, whatever their style we’ve got a colour to match. At only £19.99 inc., VAT, the all new TX-30 offers a light, flexible and comfortable headband cushioned with ultra-soft Alacantra®. Delivering clear, high quality digital sound, crystal clear lucid chat, an impressive design and high-quality features the TX-30 audio headset is the perfect present this Christmas, all wrapped up in one!...

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