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London, February 13, 2018 – Sparkling wine and spirits drinkers in the UK are defying the ten-year trend to lower consumption, says Vinexpo/IWSR in its worldwide report on the wine and spirits markets.

The report shows that sparkling wine in the UK has risen spectacularly over ten years from 8.7 million 9-litre cases in 2011 (1.6 litres per head) to 14.1 million cases in 2016 (2.6 litres per head). Consumption is forecast to grow to 16.15 million cases by 2021 (2.8 litres)

At the same time, spirits are holding steady and should show a slight increase, driven by the popularity of gin, Scotch whisky and rum. Total spirits consumption is set to rise from 32 million 9-litre cases in 2017 to 33 million cases by 2021.

By contrast consumption of still wines in the UK is expected to fall from 118.5 million 9-litre cases in 2016 to 108 million cases by 2021. This gradual decline shows still wine consumption per head falling over the ten years 2011...

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