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Waistaway has helped over 1000 dieters gain medical benefit through pharmacist-led, non-medicated weight loss support and importantly at no cost to the NHS.

Gareth Evans, a community pharmacist has, for the last 17 years, offered a weight management service based upon the recognised NICE guidelines. Data from his pharmacy clinics in the east of England have shown dramatic results (mean weight losses of 10.1%), providing hundreds of people with medical benefit without the need for additional medication nor at a cost to the NHS.

This study proves pharmacy can take a critical healthcare professional role in weight management support, offering the NHS a route to potentially huge savings.

Extracts from the Abstract:

A greater than 5% reduction in weight has been shown to result in significant improvements in type II diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol levels…
A total of 1875 dieting sequences were recorded from 1023...

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