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Behavioural findings:

• Nearly half (48%) have changed their personal hygiene habits and just under half (46%) have stopped shaking hands with people. Naturally people are more likely to have done the easy things though – compare these numbers to 17% who have stopped using transport and 14% who have worked from home more often.

• (Claimed) stockpiling is apparently lower than you might expect – 18% say they’ve stockpiled food and 16% say they’ve stockpiled toiletries, toilet roll or medicines.

• Over a third (39%) have avoided being in crowded places.

More general demographic findings:

• Younger people, especially 18-24 year olds, are more likely to say that they feel overwhelmed, significantly more so than all other age groups (34%)

• At the time of surveying, people are predominately worried about the potential impact which coronavirus might have on their physical health (31%), as opposed to...

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