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Like Minds Nudge Ideas Festival, Exeter

14 Keynote Sessions Packed With Insights
Featuring global thought leaders and entrepreneurs from some of the worlds key challenger brands and businesses of the future featuring some of the worlds most insightful thought leaders from a broad range of industries and backgrounds.

Hear from:

FELIX VELARDE on Tripling the Size of Your Business.
JESSICA BUTCHER MBE on the Entrepreneurs-Journey.
MINTER DIAL on Empathy in Business.
KATIE BELL on the Growth of Cannabiz.
DANIELE FIANDACA on Developing Creative Superpowers.
SUKI FULLER on I told You It's All Connected!
DAVE BIRSS on How to Get To Great Ideas.
KIM ARAZI on Sensing the Future.
ROBERT CRAVEN on What I Learned From Working With Google.

An Amazing 40 Masterclass Sessions
We have curated a broad range of experts in their field to help delegates understand the different platforms and frameworks in more detail...

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