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• Stop prying eyes
• Keep your content rights and existing email accounts!
• Recall or destroy emails at any time
• Military grade encryption keeps content secure

London, 12th September 2018, Siccura Safemail, a revolutionary new app, is launched today allowing users to take back complete control of their emails and attachments thanks to a military grade, unique encryption process from Sicurra, a simple-to-use solution that puts total control of your personal data into your hands only.

Using blockchain and advanced data encryption, Siccura Safemail puts users back in the driving seat when it comes to emails and attachments. Users can continue to use their existing email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook and easily monitor and manage who can view, share, forward and even copy their emails and attachments. They can also remotely recall messages and associated attached files at any time.

Developed in response...

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