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Hermes Leeds Bike Deliveries

Hermes, the UK’s largest dedicated parcel delivery company, has announced an ambitious ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) programme designed to reduce its impact on the planet, promote equality and fairness and increase transparency about its operations.

Nancy Hobhouse, who recently joined Hermes as Head of ESG from John Lewis where she was Senior Sustainability Manager, will steer the strategy, building on Hermes’ current position as the home delivery company with the lowest carbon footprint in the market across every part of its operations*. Hermes has also now signed the Climate Pledge, which is a commitment by over 100 organisations to become net zero by 2040.

Hermes has completed its Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon assessment and has just expanded its fleet of low carbon Bio-CNG trucks to 160, the largest of its kind in the UK. 30% of Hermes’ van fleet serving its Parcel Shops and Lockers is now electric (EVs), making its Out-of-home collection...

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