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What Does Not NOISE

One emerging music initiative helps partygoers and music lovers have a social impact - changing the world one party at a time.

• London culture agency and creative incubator, What Does Not (WDN) hopes to harness youth culture’s explosive energy as a force for urban regeneration through emerging music initiative What Does Not NOISE

• The emerging music initiative seeks to regenerate areas depleted of authentic culture, after extensive on-the-ground research with music communities

• Putting emerging music talent centre stage in Zone 1 – new NOISE initiative by the all-female team finds undiscovered talent from across London and invites them to showcase their skills and jam in front of audiences unfamiliar with such raw creativity

• NOISE events currently take place at the Lower Third in Soho, previously the 12 Bar Club, which helped catapult Adele and Jeff Buckley to fame, in the historic ‘Tin Pan Alley’, where Bowie and the...

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