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Infographic - what goes wrong on yr car

15 December 2015

What will go wrong on your car in 2016, and what can you do about it?

Annual repair trends revealed by

A recent study revealed that Brits will spend £499 each on Christmas presents this year - that’s twice as much as the average European . Well, be that as it may, we’ll be spending even more than that just keeping our cars on the road in the next 12 months: every year, £22bn is spent on service and maintenance - that’s over £590 per vehicle !

And it gets worse: while Christmas shopping takes place within a planned, manageable timeframe, car trouble can strike at any time… right? Well, not quite. Now, for the first time,, the fast-growing comparison site for car servicing and repairs, are revealing what goes wrong, when. Thousands of drivers use to find a great local garage or mechanic every week, so they’ve plenty of data to draw on. Want to know...

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