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78% of Web users say brands tarred by brush with dodgy content

~ first research into consumer concerns about misplaced ads shows Coca Cola has most to lose ~

78% of web users would think less of a brand if it allowed an ad to appear next to offensive or inappropriate content.

Independent research by online specialist iCD Research amongst 1,000 UK web users also found that 62% of all web users believe that they may have seen ads next to offensive or inappropriate content. A majority of all web users (52%) thought the problem would get worse.

Respondents rated violent content as the most damaging for a brand to appear next to, followed in order by drugs references and adult content. iCD Research also found that Coca Cola was the brand with the most to lose from any association with such content, followed by brands such as Cadbury and Tesco. Advertisers were the most likely to be blamed for allowing ads to appear next to such...

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