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Ground breaking report released by Curia

By 2024, full-fibre broadband on the Isle of Wight will:

* Create 1,800 new jobs and safeguard 450 existing jobs

* Generate £328M of new business and £73M of existing business safeguarded

* Achieve Public sector savings of over £2M

* Have a social wellbeing, digital inclusion, upskilling and employment impact of £50.2M

In a groundbreaking report released by Curia, the UK's pioneering "do tank," the transformative power full-fibre broadband on the Isle of Wight's future is unveiled. By 2030, this digital revolution promises to:

Ignite the local economy by generating £328M in new business and preserving £73M in existing ventures.

Create a thriving job market with 1,800 new roles and the protection of 450 current positions.

Drive public sector innovation with over £2M in savings.

Foster community and skill development with an impact valued at...

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