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The Tigers of Scotland - close up

4K TV owners will be able to enjoy an incredibly unique natural history documentary about the Scottish Wildcat, in the highest resolution ever – and it will be the first in 4K about the Wildcat species.

Leanne Gater, Director for Wild Films, who is creating The Tigers of Scotland, added “We naturally wanted to aim for high quality - 4K should really be the default for all natural history programming. It means viewers get the best possible picture quality in which to view the wonders of the natural world. We really wanted to make a film about the Scottish Wildcat because it’s such a charismatic creature that is simply unknown to most people - and it really needs our attention because we are in danger of losing it as a species within just a few years.”

The feature documentary journeys across Scotland to uncover the traits, clues, underestimated threats, the landscapes and the conservation efforts which currently shape the life of the Scottish Wildcat. Read full release

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