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From: Maz Cohen, Founder, Wisher (

Wish away unwanted presents!
Free Wisher App takes the guessing out of giving

• Wisher takes the stress out of present-buying in time for Christmas
• Personalised gift guide makes it easy to buy for family and friends – and for them to know
just what to get you
• Fill your 2016 with new experiences from your family
• Free, fun, and simple app available on iOS and Android
• Ideal app to feature in your Christmas app/gifting guides

The strange-smelling body lotion that brings you out in a rash. The three-sizes-too-small ‘fun’ Christmas jumper. The copy of Girl on the train, which, to be fair, you loved – when you read it last year. (Twice.)

Yes, the season of goodwill is upon us – and with it, the avalanche...

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