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The British Museum has brought together more than 2000 years of artistic creation in this first permanent Peruvian exposition, housed in its Wellcome Trust Gallery. A highlight of the museum’s ‘Living and Dying’ exhibition, the free to view display focuses on how the people of Peru and the Andean world have survived and thrived across millennia by establishing a special relationship with sea and land. Experience a taste of the rich cultural heritage and soul of a nation before you visit Peru and explore its many wonders in person!

More than fifty exhibits made from ceramics, textiles, wood, stone and shell, tell stories about some of the most important civilizations of the ancient world. They shine a light on how these societies understood their environment as an animate being, sometimes threatening yet also a source of healing, subsistence and protection.

Mr Juan Carlos Mathews, Peru’s Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, commented at the opening...

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