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Cider Lovers Have Something To Celebrate!

Stewley Orchard, Taunton Cider Company

Cider lovers have something to celebrate… Stewley Orchard is back in the hands of The Taunton Cider Company!

The cider makers are have announced their stewardship of this 34acre plot. They are committed to the responsibility of its conservation and have reclaimed the care of its 20 varieties of heritage apple trees.

This is not the first time these trees have been nurtured by the Taunton Cider Company. In fact, it was the original Taunton Cider Company who planted them, purchasing the land back in the mid-seventies. Not only will the apples be returning to the press but original Taunton Cider Orchard Manager Martin Ridler and Master Cider Maker Bob Chaplin are also part of the team bringing Stewley Orchard back to life.

The ecology of Stewley Orchard is brimming with life, birds and insects are its natural pesticide. Roe deer and rabbits, bugs and small birds all benefit from the fallen fruits, wild flowers, grasses and ponds. Back in the day the orchard won Worshipful Company of Fruiterers awards for its environmental practices. These practices continue, the orchard will be planted with bulbs to attract bees and plans to build 20 hives are in place to participate in the protection of the British Honeybee. The bees will be welcome pollinators in the fields.

An annual yield of 300 tonnes of apples will be picked to produce this favourite of real Somerset ciders. This refreshing, sweet Somerset cider can now be found throughout the UK, Europe and the US or purchased online at

The Taunton Cider Company are passionate about supporting the local community and local economy and what better way to show that commitment than with creating two new jobs and an apprenticeship as a result of taking on stewardship of Stewley Orchard. Follow their story on Instagram and Facebook at

For more information please contact Alice Aird, e: t: 07903153663

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