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• International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) technology monitors mobile devices to detect potential threats.
• Revector launches military standard IMSI-catchers.
• Enables security services to detect and locate criminal activity using mobile networks.

15 February 2021: Revector today launches a new range of ruggedised military-standard covert detection devices. The technology uses the mobile network to enable police forces, military special forces, government security agencies, prison security services and telecoms regulators to detect, track, and locate illegal activity and keep the public safe.

Revector, which has more than twenty years’ experience in telecommunications anti-fraud technology, has engineered customised IMSI-catcher devices that are highly configurable and portable, making them ideal for lawful, tactical application either in-vehicle, on a fixed site or airborne.

An IMSI is a 15-digit, unique number...

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