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Discover the Magic Of Learning to Play This Christmas

Complete Your Home With A Piano

Going into Lockdown again means that we are all going to be facing a different kind of Christmas this year and it may be a great opportunity to discover new ways to entertain yourself and the whole family.

Music has always been a great way to connect, a source of inspiration and a much needed escapism during difficult times. Perhaps you have you already dusted off your drum kit, piano or guitar and re-discovered your love of music or maybe you are a newbie with big dreams? Learning to play not only brings a lifetime of enjoyment but also a whole host of health and well-being benefits.

A recent study* shows young musicians who play an instrument and practice frequently have increased memory and attention skills. The findings come from a new study, which showed how musically-trained children performed better at attention and memory recall exercises. They also had greater activation in brain regions related to attention control and auditory encoding. In addition musically trained children have improved reading skills, higher resilience, greater creativity and a better quality of life compared to those with no music training at all.

Yamaha Music London Retail Operations Manager Stephen Davies comments: “Hundreds of parents have bought musical instruments to keep their children entertained, stimulated and happy during the pandemic. Digital keyboards, pianos and guitars, have proved very popular, they can be a good first step, compact in size and therefore don’t take up too much space at home. They are easy to play and relatively quick to make progress. A piano can be an ideal gift for a loved one or for the whole family to enjoy.

Many of our instruments come with tutorial apps and there are free online classes which are easy to access.
In line with the latest Government guidelines the store will be closed but we are still very much open. You will still be able to shop online by visiting us at as our website will remain open 24/7, allowing you to shop at your leisure.

For any specialist advice you may need, our team will be available via the chat on our website, via our Face to Face support.
Our Sales team will also be available on the phones, where you can buy straight from them, on 020 7432 4400.”

Yamaha pianos** are among the most played in the world and have earned a reputation for their excellent design, build quality and long-lasting performance - a Yamaha acoustic piano is a great investment buy which can last a lifetime.

The B series – The family friendly piano The range includes a good all-rounder and an ideal family piano, very affordable with a rich and clear tone designed for compact, contemporary homes. All B series pianos are also available with Yamaha’s pioneering Silent Technology - using headphones for silent play any time of day or night while keeping family and neighbours happy. The B series -

“Silent Night” Pianos
The Silent Piano series includes upright and grand pianos, with the same acoustic sound, design and build quality as their standard counterparts but with the ability to play entirely without externally audible sound - only the player hears their performance. Imagine playing with headphones at night so you won’t disturb the neighbours but you still benefit from playing with a true hammer action and also have the sound of a sampled concert grand piano coming through the headphones! Silent Night” Pianos - - from £4666.00

Yamaha Disklavier Enspire range – The Acoustic, Silent and Self Playing Pianos
The new Disklavier Enspire Upright Pianos, the most advanced Yamaha acoustic piano, where artistry, craftsmanship and technology meet. Computer and iOS connectivity, fully integrated record and playback facilities, as well as award-winning Silent Piano technology, make this piano the perfect space-saving choice for the growing family, the progressing amateur or the avid listener. Yamaha Disklavier Enspire range -


From the Guitar Go starter pack for beginners, to entry level guitars and high spec acoustic guitars with outstanding quality and tone, Yamaha Music London has everything you need to get picking!

L Series The latest models in this high-quality range have a tonal richness that you would normally find from vintage instruments. Featuring a classic shape and exquisite mother-of-pearl inlays, these guitars possess the unique combination of well-rounded tone using Yamaha’s A.R.E (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement) technology, superb playability and excellent dynamic range. L Series - - £533

Yamaha A-Series Electro-Acoustic Guitars Designed to be the ideal performance acoustic guitar, with a custom designed scalloped bracing pattern for an all-new powerful, expressive acoustic tone. The A-Series is the perfect guitar to take your playing to the next level. A Series Electro-Acoustic Guitars - from £504.00

The FG Red Label Acoustic folk guitars - that blend the retro aesthetic and classic tone of the iconic early Yamaha steel-string guitars with cutting-edge technological innovation in wood conditioning and true-to-life sound reproduction. - from £199

The TransAcoustic Guitar There’s nothing as inspiring as playing an acoustic guitar in a great sounding room – it makes you play better, longer and with more creativity. The revolutionary Yamaha TransAcoustic Guitar gives you that experience without an amp or effect pedal, just the guitar itself! It’s the most inspiring, engaging acoustic guitar you’ve ever played. - from £518.00

Silent Guitars The SLG Silent Guitars are truly innovative and versatile. Utilising an original design in combination with quality electronics, these hybrid instruments deliver outstanding tone and playability that is just as at home on stage or in the studio, as it is in your living room. - from £588.00

Remember to order by 15 December to receive in time for Christmas!



*Original article: Neural dynamics of improved bimodal attention and working memory in musically trained children
**All pianos (at the advertised price) include delivery to ground floor addresses within mainland UK and a complimentary first tuning will be arranged at no extra cost.

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