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The G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance calls on Leaders of the G20 nations to put youth entrepreneurship at the forefront of job and wealth creation

In conjunction with the 2012 G20 Leaders’ Summit in Los Cabos, Mexico over 400 Young entrepreneurs from all G20 countries, gathered in Mexico City from the 2nd to 5th June for the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Summit (G20 YES).

The summit concluded with the signing of a communiqué that called upon the G20 Leaders to focus on entrepreneurship as an answer to the issues we are currently facing around youth unemployment and slow economic growth. This communiqué was handed over directly to Felipe Calderón, President of Mexico and the host of the up coming G20 Leaders Summit.

The communiqué identified five key actions that would provide the driver for inclusive economic growth, innovation, job creation and social cohesion:

• Creating a continuum of traditional and innovative funding...

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