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While the world battles a loneliness epidemic, reinforced by COVID-19 imposed lockdown and social-distancing, a new, rapid growth startup uses technology to help solve the problem for companies individuals. Today, Panion announces a suite of features that solidify the startup's position as the most exciting new virtual community-building app in the world. Panion encourages its members to be authentically themselves and to lean into the interests that make them unique.

According to the latest Cigna Loneliness Index, 61% of adults say they're lonely. Over a quarter of millennials report having no close friends, and Gen Z is the loneliest generation to date. Despite the number of social apps available, people are struggling to form genuine connections. With the added demand for remote and flexible working - now enforced by the Coronavirus pandemic - employees are currently experiencing isolation in a manner never previously imagined; today's organisations are struggling...

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