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German Bratwurst Nigiri with Katsu Curry

June 2017

International Sushi Day takes place on Sunday June 18th 2017. Last year we launched a search to find Great British Sushi, which resulted in delights such as Deep Fried Haggis Onigiri and Cream Tea Sushi Scones.

This year, as the Brexit process begins, Yutaka is challenging people throughout the UK and Europe to create sushi that reflects the EU. We have kick-started things with five European favourites that have been given a Japanese twist:

• German Bratwurst Nigiri with Katsu Curry Sauce
• Spanish Paella Temaki
• Polish Cabbage Sushi Roll
• French Croque En Bushi
• Austrian Strudel Roll

Each of the five recipes is a fusion of European and Japanese cuisine.

We will select our favourite and award the creator of the winning sushi idea a hamper with Yutaka products valued at over £100 and the winning recipe will be featured on the company website. The winner will be...

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