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BBC Alba, the Gaelic channel, goes live online today for the first time, thanks to Zattoo. BBC Alba is a digital TV channel broadcasting Gaelic programmes daily from 1700-2330.

Zattoo beats the BBC in putting the channel fully live online. Until now it has only been available on digital satellite: Freeview carriage is subject to review by the BBC Trust in 2010.

Alex Guest, Country Manager UK for Zattoo, says: “There are people in Scotland who are unable to receive BBC Alba because they don’t have satellite receivers. Licence fee money is being invested in this channel but it has not been reaching all of the interested audiences. We were approached by representatives of these communities asking us to put the channel online. So Zattoo is happy to assist the BBC in delivering on its public service commitments at no additional cost to the licence fee payer.”

Zattoo is uniquely...

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