Skip nav has surveyed 1,000 people in the UK to see what it is the grinds their gears in the bedroom right now, and what bad habit they are guilty of themselves.
According to the survey, eating in bed in the Number 1 pet hate between couples. With nearly 42% confessing to scoffing snacks between the sheets, and nearly 41% admitting they find it annoying when their partners do it.
Nearly half (43.69%) said they’d rather sleep in the spare room than put up with their partner repeatedly chomping food in bed.

The Pet Peeves

The UKs number one bedroom pet peeve is eating food in bed, with 40.61% of respondents highlighting that if their partner eats food in bed, it is especially annoying.

Eating food in bed - 40.61%
Leaving clothes on the floor - 38.08%
Snoring - 35.76
Not making the bed - 35.15%
Duvet Hogging - 26.26%
Leaving the bedroom light on...

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