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Linear Draft 3D OLE Designer


Linear Draft - 3D BIM Overhead Line Electrification Designer

Linear Draft is a 3D & BIM Overhead Line Electrification (OLE) design package. It's available off-the-shelf and is compatible with popular computer-aided design packages such as Bentley Systems® Microstation V8i™, Connect Edition™ and AutoDesk® AutoCAD 2018™.

London, UK – 19th December, 2017

Zebraware Ltd, a leading global software vendor based in the United Kingdom, have today announced the release of their newest software product – Linear Draft.

Linear Draft is a flexible approach to OLE design, enabling users of all backgrounds, drafts-people and engineers alike, to deliver detailed 3D BIM OLE models and construction deliverables within hours.

Linear Draft is a unique application for many reasons, but the most important to note, is that Linear Draft is a stand-alone platform. It isn’t fixed to a particular...

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