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Henry and Rebecca Patterson, founders

A new British brand chose to launch its innovative work and leisure bags in the midst of a pandemic - and sales are booming despite the fact that for most people, travel is firmly off the agenda.

The Zellie-Zipper range is the brainchild of mother and son design team Rebecca and 16-year old Henry Patterson. Ranging from a bum bag to a carry-all, the range features interchangeable patches that zip on and off, allowing owners to change the look of their bags rather than the whole bag.

Rebecca and Henry designed the bags to appeal equally to people’s desire to stay organised, to personalise their look and to be kind to the environment – all the bags in the range are made of a vegan-friendly leather-alternative fabric.
The pair were understandably nervous about the timing of the launch in September with no end to the pandemic in sight and every prospect of further lockdowns. Read full release

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