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Steve Clarke - Zortrex CEO

Edinburgh-based Zortrex is set to turn the tables on hackers with the launch of Zortrex Token Vault, a unique, secure and scalable tokenisation system.

The disruptive data security start-up which has over 75 years of combined experience in information security management, plans to stem the rising tide of financial data breaches. It will do this using tokenisation, which replaces confidential financial information with a randomly generated string of data (tokens), as placeholder data. This mitigates the impact of any cyber-attack as sensitive data has been replaced with the “token”.

Tokenisation closes the security gaps and mitigates the risks of a large sale data breach. It doesn't rely on encryption to generate the token so organisations don't have to worry about managing cryptographic systems to secure sensitive data - security travels with the data while it’s at rest and in motion. As a result, no additional security methods are required to provide...

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