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NASA is monitoring two British adventurers as they attempt to trek 2,500 MILES across the Antarctic in 80 days to assess how humans cope when pushed to their limits, and as part of their preparation they used Bio-Synergy’s DNA test.
The two British adventurers trekking across Antarctic in 80 days, they are former soldier Justin Packshaw, 57, and Doctor Jamie Facer Childs, 37.
The pair are working with NASA to learn whether humans could one day live on Mars
Packshaw and Childs are undergoing tests twice a week to see how the journey is impacting them physically and psychologically, with samples of saliva, blood, urine and faeces all stored away to monitor their immune systems during the trek.
To keep them in peak physical fitness, they will be supplementing daily with a 100g serving of Bio-Synergy Whey Better and Bio-Synergy 5000iu vitamin D3.
The pair are also wearing smartwatches to keep an eye on their vital signs, stress levels and quality of...

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