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Skinny Bellini

Skinny Bellini, Skinny Mojito and Gym Tonic have arrived #GoSoberForOctober

Following on from the success of the original 3 variants Pomegranate, Raspberry and Orange and inspired by Team GB’s success in Rio and Go Sober For October.. the experts at Bio-Synergy have developed 3 new variants Skinny Bellini, Skinny Mojito and Gym Tonic.

Bio-Synergy have been at the forefront of the UK functional drink and sports supplement industry since 1997, so over 19 years’ experience has been poured into these exciting new variants.

Each drink is made from the finest UK spring water and containing zero sugar, zero calories and have been fortified with a unique blend of vitamins and minerals proven to curb sugar cravings and improve energy levels and wellbeing.

With the soft drink giants in the news time and again for their negative effects on the nation’s health, Bio-Synergy founder, Daniel Herman wanted to create a range to satisfy...

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