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I just want to see my child!

‘Whispers of Hope’ Stories based on actual events

‘Whispers of Hope’, six shocking stories, based on actual events are about the lies, deception and manipulation some parents will go to in order to get their own way, be that for money or to stop a partner seeing their child. Names and some details have been altered but the outcomes in court are true.

When relationships end there comes a time of transition. It would be nice to think that parents of young children would put the child first and above everything else, after all it is not the child’s fault that the marriage/relationship has come to an end. All too often the child becomes a pawn in the battle between the two parties who are caught up in such bitterness and anger.

‘Whispers of Hope’ has been written by Charlie Albert to inspire those parents out there, to whom all seems lost. They have no money but...

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