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Andre Godinho

Anderman Ceramics is excited to announce an addition to our sales and marketing team, Mr. Andre Godinho. Anderman Ceramics is committed to deliver the highest levels of customer service and as we grow globally it is a necessity that we have the ability to effectively communicate easily across a multitude of languages. Andre is Brazilian by birth, so speaks Portuguese, but he is also fluent in both Spanish and English and will be a great addition to a team striving to reach all corners of our World.

Andre is vastly commercially experienced and his recent employment history has seen him work in demanding business to business environments inclusive of stock exchange trading, insurance companies and Internet platforms (E-commerce).

Andre holds a bachelor's degree in Advertising and Marketing from the University PUC / SP and an MBA in Sales Management from FGV / SP, institutions that are widely respected in Brazil. Andre can be contacted at Read full release

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