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Messaging app Guild has raised $1.2m (£880,000) in Seed funding. Guild is a messaging app for private professional groups. The WhatsApp for work. Guild is GDPR compliant and ad free.

Guild is built for any professional group, network or community where its members want to communicate, share, learn from each other, stay in touch, develop and nurture valuable professional relationships - both internal to the company and externally.

The Seed round, closed on SeedLegals, was raised from 28 private investors including the two founders, Ashley Friedlein and Matthew O’Riordan. Ashley and Matthew previously co-founded Econsultancy, which they successfully sold in 2012 to Centaur Media for £24m.

CEO Friedlein explains: “We think it is time professionals had a messaging app that is properly private, GDPR-compliant and designed just for work use. Research suggests there are already over...

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