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Guild for professional communities

Unless you’re one of the 20,000 early adopter members, you’ve probably not heard of Guild.
Launched publicly only last year as the world went into lockdown, this British tech platform has quietly been growing a reputation as a high-quality professional networking and community platform.

The profile of Guild’s professional members skews mid-senior: 14% are CEOs or Founders, 31% are VPs or senior management. Ashley Friedlein, CEO & Founder of Guild, believes this is for two main reasons: firstly, the easy, mobile messaging experience that sees executives otherwise using WhatsApp, and secondly the private, consent-based, and ad-free environment that protects members from unwanted approaches.

Guild is free for any professional to join. You can join relevant groups, networks and communities and invite your contacts to connect with you so you can direct message each other. Guild makes money by charging organisations who want to run professional...

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