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Guild is a private professional messaging app that meets new standards, yet is as easy to use as WhatsApp. It is advert free, and GDPR compliant.


Key Points:

- Guild is a new network-focused messaging app, built exclusively for professionals.

- Founders and serial British tech entrepreneurs Ashley Friedlein and Matthew O’Riordan previously sold Econsultancy to Centaur Media plc for 24,000,000 GBP.

- Guild is completely, utterly private. Users have total control of their own data: if they choose to leave they can delete everything. That’s something you can’t always do on other platforms.

- GDPR is now in force and Guild is fully compliant. Apps like WhatsApp we believe are not (we don't think professionals and politicians should be using non-compliant platforms for messaging).

- We intend to pay our taxes.


Further Details:


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