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Community based marketing funnel

2020 has created ‘Perfect Storm’ conditions for B2B communities to flourish, and with this in mind, Guild, a British, independent messaging platform for professional groups and networks has today published a new guide: Community Based Marketing (CBM)– the new play in B2B marketing.

Although Community Based Marketing is burgeoning and there’s no shortage of technology to support it, Guild believes there is a lack of knowledge in this area which could hinder success - hence the reason for developing the guide.

Against the backdrop of remote working, rapid digital transformation and oversaturated B2B digital marketing channels, the in-depth guide:

- defines Community Based Marketing (CBM)
- shows where CBM sits in the marketing funnel
- makes the business case for CBM
- gives success factors for CBM
- provides case studies of successful CBM in B2B marketing

Ashley Friedlein, CEO and Founder, Guild,...

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