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Largest UK Retail Bank Continues Streamlining Its Business With ManagementStudio

LONDON – April 23, 2024 – ManagementStudio today announced the UK’s largest retail bank has migrated 14,000 desktops from Citrix to Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). Initially there were 20,000 Citrix desktops but, utilising ManagementStudio’s discovery feature, 6,000 desktops were identified as not being used. Alongside the savings achieved by reducing AVD licenses by 6,000, ManagementStudio also enabled the migration team to shave nine months off the project timeframe. The cost savings that ManagementStudio has delivered in just man-hours alone are estimated at over £160,000.

AVD provides the bank greater flexibility than Citrix and continues to provide cost savings, as AVD can be turned off if not being used. The users of AVD have reported back that the start up is instantaneous with...

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