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The Summer in Stats Infographic

The Summer in Stats: How the 2018 summer heatwave impacted the nation’s energy use

E.ON looks back at how the 2018 summer(1) heatwave impacted the UK’s energy consumption.

This summer was constantly compared to the blistering heatwave of 1976 – in fact, it came so close that it was widely reported as the joint hottest summer since then.

Met Office data(2) reveals that 1976 was the hottest summer on average, though only by a small margin (0.33oC). Despite this, when looking at the average temperatures throughout June, July and August, 2018 still appears more frequently in the top three hottest months than 1976.

June 2018: 2nd hottest June on record
July 2018: 2nd hottest July on record
August 2018: 25th hottest August on record

June 1976: 3rd hottest June on record
July 1976: 5th hottest July on record
August 1976: 5th hottest August on record

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