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New calculator reveals the cost of living in a residential care home vs ‘age-proofing’ your current home

• Analysis reveals it’s 65% cheaper to ‘age-proof’ your current home than it is to move into a residential care home
• It’s 28% cheaper to age-proof your home and receive five years’ at-home nursing care than it is to move into a residential nursing home for five years
• The South East ranked the most expensive UK region to move into residential care (whereas Northern Ireland is the cheapest)
• 87% of over-65s want to grow old independently in their own home, according to survey

Population forecasts predict that the number of over 67-year-olds in the UK will grow by over 30% between 2016 and 2041(1), making it more important than ever to ensure we prepare for our needs in old age.

Whether this...

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