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iKOD is the new “i” word. It doesn’t represent a new consumer product. It even doesn’t represent a new service. It represents a number!
An iKOD is the reference number for every property that is on the market. Its purpose is to simplify and standardize, advertising and finding properties processes.
Simply visit, place your ad and get your exclusive iKOD. You can then use your iKOD anywhere you want to refer to your property (signs, doorbells, classified ads, etc.). Of course along with your iKOD you enjoy a number of innovative benefits.
After their success in the Spanish market in just a few months, iKODs are now available for all UK owners, estate agents and developers.
And it’s price? Free for the Basic Ad, “ so every property on the market can have its own iKOD” and for those asking for something more dynamic, the Superior Ad boosts...

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