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London, 8 November 2017

Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories - make bedtime a dream.

Today marks the launch of Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories, a revolutionary new bedtime app, available to download free on iTunes and Google Play Store.

Set in the enchanting moonlit world of Moshi Monsters, Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories are tuneful audio tales designed to settle little monsters at bedtime. Just get kids comfy, turn down the lights, select a story and let them drift off to sleep.

Made for kids but loved by parents, Sleep Stories are a brand new form of bedtime story created to calm the mind and gently lull kids to sleep. Featuring dreamy melodies, comforting bedtime themes, tranquil narration and soothing soundscapes, each charmingly surreal, meandering story slows in rhythm as it progresses, helping kids drift into their natural sleep patterns.

Brought to you by the multi-award-winning creators of much-loved global...

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