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Luxury home accommodation business, UnderTheDoormat, has launched a new service for Corporate Stays to help London-based employers get their key staff back to their offices safely. Its offering a special introductory £50 discount rate*1 till the end of July.

Since COVID-19 hit the UK and closed down ‘going to work’ as we know it, employees’ attitudes towards the daily commute have changed markedly. Because of the success people have made of homeworking, they are now far less keen on travelling to the capital every day especially on public transport. They are now more likely to want to return to their workplaces if they can reduce the number of days commuting, thus avoiding the risk of coronavirus infection and to gain some time back in their lives. So, companies who want to encourage more staff to return to their city offices face a struggle with the issue of safeguarding their employees’ health if they have to travel frequently on public transport.


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