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It's not long until January 1st 2012 and you may be planning to stop smoking, try a new hobby, or shift any extra weight from all those mince pies.

Budgeting bank account provider thinkbanking is asking people to think about their financial fitness this January and to ditch any bad spending habits that hold them back. The New Year is an excellent time to take stock of our finances following Christmas and begin planning our financial goals for the year ahead.

Research from American Express gives an insight into how much more we spend at Christmas. It estimates that UK adults will spend on average £210 each on 'extra costs' during the festive season, which adds up to around £10.2 billion collectively.

So if you feel like joining the gym on January 1st because you've overindulged, why not take the opportunity to get your finances back in shape too? It's a great time...

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