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The return of the painted portrait?

Are painted portraits a thing of the past? You may think so, but are determined to bring them bang up to date!

Are painted portraits a thing of the past? You may think so, but are determined to bring them bang up to date!

With the technology boom of the past decade we have tended to move away from traditional photographs stored in family albums. They now reside in the digital wasteland stored online or on usb sticks never to be seen again, quickly fading from memory.
We moved away from painted portraits during the Victorian era as the ‘new’ exciting technology of photography took over. It was easier and quicker than any traditional method so portraits quickly declined in popularity.

We feel it is time to bring them back! Photos are everywhere and ubiquitous. We are inundated with them on our smartphones, on our social media feeds so much so that they have become mundane, boring, here and gone in a swipe! So what is the answer you may be asking?

The answer to that is to look back to the past and have on our walls something with meaning produced by hand from a master artist. There are simply no words to describe the feeling of seeing an oil painting that you commissioned on your wall, produced with skill from a much loved photo.

The craftsmanship of our artist transforming a photo to painting with amazing realistic likeness is second to non. Not to mention the smile it puts on your face every single time you look at it hanging on your wall beats photos or photo canvas prints hands down every time! This in our opinion is because we are bored with photos, its a very simple explanation.

So come, join us in our hand painted portrait revival and bring an age old tradition back into fashion. We feel every home should have a painting. This maybe a family scene, wedding photos or a much loved pet. There are a million and one ideas for a painting and everyone has their own.

Our talented artists can even combine multiple photos into one amazing final artwork. Maybe you are missing a loved one and want them to be included in a family portrait, no problem we love to produce paintings like this! It means as much to us as it does you.

Here at we are using technology to make sure that our customers find it simple to place the portrait orders right on the website. Once on the cutting-edge pricing and ordering tool, they get to select the type of painting medium they want, size of canvas from a range of pre-set sizes, as well as framing options.

Once happy with their selection and painting specification all they need to do is to upload the photo which they want to be hand painted. The photo can be easily uploaded from social platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, or from a smartphone, desktop computer, tablets and even through email.

After uploading the photo and the order placed we select the best artist for your needs and this master painter will start working on the portrait. Once the portrait is ready and meets your approval, it will be framed (if framed option is selected) and will then be delivered direct to your door. All of this is done within 2-4 weeks. It’s as simple as that!

We completely eliminate the need to visit any physical store as the whole process of uploading the picture, selecting the painting specs, and even payment is done online.

Moreover, customers get to choose from three different types of painting options - acrylic paintings, oil paintings and charcoal sketches. Also, once a photo is uploaded and other specs are selected, customers will get an instant, quote for the portrait without any wait.

One can easily pay for the painting through PayPal, which is one of the most popular and completely secure payment interfaces.

Still not convinced with this amazing idea? Try to visit the Paintings Gallery section on to check the past portraits created by the professional painters of this platform and you are sure to be impressed with the beautiful detailing and life-like resemblance of the paintings. People looking to turn photos into paintings or for something unique for their loved ones or own home should definitely try and join the hand painted portrait revival today.

Aaron James