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Are painted portraits a thing of the past? You may think so, but are determined to bring them bang up to date!

With the technology boom of the past decade we have tended to move away from traditional photographs stored in family albums. They now reside in the digital wasteland stored online or on usb sticks never to be seen again, quickly fading from memory.
We moved away from painted portraits during the Victorian era as the ‘new’ exciting technology of photography took over. It was easier and quicker than any traditional method so portraits quickly declined in popularity.

We feel it is time to bring them back! Photos are everywhere and ubiquitous. We are inundated with them on our smartphones, on our social media feeds so much so that they have become mundane, boring, here and gone in a swipe! So what is the answer you may be asking?

The answer to that is to look back to the past and have on our walls...

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