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Female using KETOSCAN Mini

As the number of people in the UK feeling the benefits of a ketogenic diet rises, a new ketone analyser and real-time fat burning monitor is set to make tracking it even easier.

The new KETOSCAN Mini is the world’s first cartridge-based portable ketone analyser and allows users to accurately find out their ketosis level with a simple exhale of breath - blood tests can now be a thing of the past.

The pocket-sized device measures the concentration of ketones (acetone) in the same way that a breathalyser measures alcohol in your breath, indicating when your body is in ketosis - burning fat - and enabling users to perfect their diet and maximise weight loss.

Equipped with an ultra-precise electrochemical cartridge, the KETOSCAN Mini gives highly accurate readings in PPM (parts per million) and is the result of 10 years of research.

Breath testing as a...

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