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The Dads Of Dad La Soul

In a world full of home-schooling stresses, no playdates, social isolation and global protests, a Worthing-based dads group are bringing dads and kids from around the world together in a unique social experiment, this Father's Day.

“Imagine dads and kids from the projects in Atlanta, having the chance to play, chat, laugh and learn from those in a village in Kenya, a leafy suburb in France, a seaside town in Sussex, or a tenement building in Glasgow. This is a truly remarkable playdate”

The world’s first international, virtual, dads and kids playdate. Welcome to the Dadifesto2020 

Still struggling with what to get dad, this Father's Day? then how about a place with 96 dads and kids from around the world on a playdate that includes, rap workshops, Lego challenges, storytime with guest authors and some very special guest celebrity appearances. 

Britain’s Dad La Soul has united with America’s Fathers Incorporated and Daddy...

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