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Christmas is just around the corner, and shoppers are already eager to get their hands on the naturally pink, delicious and refreshing gin - North42.

This year has been a bit of a difficult one to say the least. But despite the restrictions, North42 want to add some colour and celebrations to end the year in style before we say hello to 2021.

With a passion for sourcing fresh, natural ingredients, owners of the award-winning Leicestershire based restaurant North Bar and Kitchen, crafted North42 Gin back in 2019. Joanna and Sally cleverly paired 100% natural ingredients like crisp rhubarb and sweet blood orange, with beautifully balanced botanicals to create a unique, smooth, fruity and flavoursome gin, which was snapped by Selfridges to be an exclusive reseller of the gin from its release.

North42 achieved fantastic feedback from consumers during their first year, being ranked in the top five gins to buy in Selfridges for 2019. With...

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