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FS Untitled grid image

Boutique type foundry, Fontsmith, today announce a new addition to their library of typefaces called FS Untitled. The latest addition from the Clerkenwell-based foundry, developed with screens firmly in mind, makes possible the kind of very fine adjustments to weight that can be crucial in keeping characters sharp on-screen, and reduce the reliance on font hinting. It also makes possible a whole lot of fun, in a ‘digital playground’ that lets the typeface’s many variants off the leash.

FS Untitled’s roots lie in Fontsmith’s creation of the iconic typeface for Channel 4’s rebrand in 2005: the classic, quirky, edgy C4 headline font, with its rounded square shapes and blocky baseline serifs, and a toned-down version for use in text, captions and content graphics. Eleven years on, the text font is still going strong in C4’s online presence, but the broadcaster’s ten-year exclusivity license on the font has passed, leaving Fontsmith free to develop it for a much wider...

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