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Tenerife: Not an Island to Underestimate

The Island of Tenerife juts proudly out of the Atlantic Ocean to the west of Africa and is the largest of the seven Canary Islands. Its stunningly beautiful yet rugged coastline and warm climate are a true paradise for adventurous travellers and its dramatic landscape provides a perfect backdrop to explore new terrains and seek out new thrills. It is also the perfect destination for educational school travel trips.

For many, the Canary Islands conjure up visions of sun, sea and Sangria. But think again. After 12 million years of volcanic creation, Tenerife isn’t an island to underestimate. Whilst perhaps more commonly thought of as a sun worshipping destination, it is in fact a biodiversity hot spot with over 300 volcanoes of varying types and sizes. The most prominent, Mount Teide, is in fact the third largest in the world from the sea floor, and the last eruption in its surrounding volcanic complex was in 1909, a mere 110 years ago at Chinyero.


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