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Solar power company, Mypower's team

Tomorrow (1st April) is the 1st anniversary of the abolition of the Government’s feed-in tariffs (FITs) for new renewable energy schemes – a financial subsidy that supported the development of green energy generation. Despite predictions that this would halt the growth of clean energy generation, Gloucestershire-based solar power company, Mypower, says this has been a positive benefit for commercial-scale solar power which has since flourished, their own business has doubled in the past year and, thankfully, clients haven’t postponed their installation schemes during the current Covid-19 uncertainties.

When FITs were abolished on 1st April 2019, the renewable energy sector predicted the incentive to build new renewable energy generation schemes would disappear. When the Government severely cut the financial value of the tariffs in 2016, the market all but crashed and >12,000 jobs were lost in the...

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