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New Product Alert - skyda Daily Defence Lotion with SPF50

skyda Daily Defence Lotion with SPF50

skyda Daily Defence Lotion with SPF50 - RRP £9 (50ml)

An affordable everyday SPF, developed by Dermatologists, with 5* protection

British skincare brand grüum have just launched their brand new affordable skyda Daily Defence Lotion (50ml, RRP £9) - a lightweight face lotion formulated to keep your skin fully protected from anything everyday life may throw at it.

With SPF50 and Vitamin E, skyda Daily Defence Lotion gives protection against a number of environmental stressors. This antioxidant product provides 5* UVA and high UVB protection against the sun’s harmful rays, as well as protecting skin from daily pollution and free radicals.

Its lightweight texture melts effortlessly into your skin, making it an ideal base for underneath make-up. Easily-absorbed and water resistant, this fragrance-free lotion has been developed by leading dermatologists, making it ideal for all skin-types, including those with sensitive skin.

grüum Co-founder Beth Sleigh said “We know how important it is to wear SPF every day to help prevent sun damage and reduce the signs of ageing. But high quality SPF is traditionally expensive and can be thick and greasy, which puts people off using it regularly. By introducing our skyda Daily Defence Lotion, which both feels great and is affordable, we hope to encourage more people to use sun protection every day.”

At just £9 for 50ml, this is a real high-end product at a high-street price.

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So why should you be wearing SPF every day?

For so many of us it’s second nature to apply sunscreen when it's sunny, we know the benefits of wearing sunscreen in the summer but what about for the rest of the year? It’s expected that even when it's overcast, up to 80% of the sun's rays are still being absorbed by your skin.

By wearing SPF and protecting the skin from the sun's harmful rays, sunscreen can help prevent skin cancers, reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation and prevent premature aging - the sun’s ultraviolet radiation is responsible for an estimated 90 percent of visible signs of ageing.

So, if SPF still isn’t a part of your everyday beauty routine because of thick, sticky formulas that would leave a white cast across your skin, then make the switch now to grüum’s lightweight, affordable skyda Daily Defence Lotion (50ml, RRP £9).

grüum is a young British business that was created by four friends from Manchester who spent years designing and perfecting the grüum range. Inspired by Scandinavian ideals they pledged they would only create products that serve a real purpose. grüum doesn’t make things “for him” and “for her”, instead they make products that are effective for all genders and ages, with prices that are fair for everyone. grüum are committed to creating products that are kind to you and better for the planet. Our products are free from chemical nasties, packed full of natural goodness and they use recyclable materials wherever possible. We already have a range of plastic-free products and don’t use excess packaging thanks to their unique space-saving tubes making them more efficient to transport. grüum were also the UK’s first brand to introduce a razor recycling scheme.

For more information and samples please contact Emily Gilson / 07860176071